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Radio TV Nederland ZendAmateur Worden (RDI)

Born in 1952 and at the age of 19 I obtained my ham licence, the certificate of authority for the construction and operation of a radioelectric transmitting device.
Then I purchased a Semcoset STT4 transmitter board with a crystal for 144.750Mc, it was calling cq and then listening from 144 to 146 for possible calls.
At that time, most amateurs had a crystal-controlled transmitter on one frequency for which a crystal had coincidentally been found, and the transmitters also worked with AM.

As a child, just like my father, I was already interested in technology and electronics.
My father was later part of the first group of ā€œDā€ amateurs (novice) in 1975 (PD0AAE) and shortly afterwards, in 1976, was the first with a PE1 call (PE1AAA).
That was the fulle licence for VHF and UHF.

After school and business training, I started working at an electronics parts store, where I gained a lot of knowledge of parts and components.
In addition to many private individuals, various companies were also customers of this parts store.
One of the customers was a small but progressive telecommunications company that worked with Philips mobile radios and developed and manufactured options and peripherals in-house.
As a radio amateur that was of course a great challenge, when the owner told me he was looking for a technician, that was great for me.
Unfortunately, the company was closed down after a number of years, investments had been made, which were guaranteed by the municipality, but a little later the municipality wanted to postpone everything for one year.
The entire company capital had been invested, there was no more money, and the doors were closed.
Partly because of my experience with wireless telecommunications, I was immediately able to join a large company in that field, where I stayed for more than 30 years.
As a radio amateur, the fun of the hobby disappeared, it became more and more like work.

Instead, I started to focus (even more) on computers.
For CP/M I have created or rewritten various programs, such as a Viewdata host (Prestel) and an RTTY BBS.
Later came PCs and packet radio, after which I pulled the plug on amateur radio and started focusing entirely on Linux and Open Source software.

After my retirement I started again as a radio amateur, but a lot had changed in the intervening period.

My station
VHF/UHFMidland CT-3000
=Anytone AT_778uv
=Retevis RT-95
Omnidirectional vertical at 6m height.
VHF/UHFBaofeng UV-82 portofoon
VHF Yaesu FT-1 portofoon
HF Xiegu G90 20m end fed with a coil for 80m at 6m/1m height.
HF Yaesu FTDX-10 Folded dipole 2x 23m at 6m/2m height,
with symetric feeders.

I make most connections with FT-8, with my 10 Watts and low antenna I can participate nicely.

For the HF antenna, I have a number of designs that I want to try out, the field days etc. are ideal for that (for me).

The above may be confusing, but I try to avoid names as much as possible, be chronological and still write what I want.
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